No matter where you choose to birth
I will help you physically and emotionally prepare for your sacred journey. 


Full Service Support Includes:

  • Initial meeting to make custom plan for how I can support you best.

  • Packages starting at $600

  • 3 Prenatal visits to learn techniques, relaxation skills, what to expect, practice communication, and as a time for us to build a trusting relationship
  • Nutrition and Movement support—we will look at your diet and movement habits and talk about ways that you can optimize your health during your pregnancy
  • Learn about supportive herbs that you can take during your pregnancy and birth.
  • Create your vision of your birth
  • Help you in writing your birth plan
  • Learn Rebozo techniques
  • Essential oil support
  • Meal delivery coordination for after baby comes
  • On call availability from 37 weeks until your baby comes & then 2 postpartum visits. 
  • Will support you laboring at home before moving to your birth location (if applicable)
  • Breastfeeding education and support